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Feb 21, 2012
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I haven't done galvanic or high frequency for ages (years) so would really appreciate any help.

A client rang today wanting a galvanic facial and black head extraction. She said something about having a electrical current on her skin which was noisey. And a facial gauze( I think she means highly frequency- but she says she hold onto a pole in the treatment aswell which i know is galvanic) so do you think she could be having both treatments? If anyone could advise what the purpose of having both together is I would really appreciate it.(just so I have better understanding)

How would I include the black head extraction? Do I still steam?

This is the routine i have looked up from notes please help and let me know if this is correct. (I use Dermalogica)

Double cleanse;
(Would I exfoliate now with daily microfoliant or skip this?)
Mix up scaling fluid and apply to face
Galvanic- desinvrustation 4-5 minutes on negative. Make sure the ball is on the skin and client is holding damp gauged rod in hand before turning machine on.
When removing take damp gauze roller of client then take of the galvanic ball that's on the face
(Would I steam the face now and do blackhead extractions?)
Apply colloidal mask
Apply gauze
Do high frequency- keep moving in circular movements around face 3-5 minutes.
Remove mask
Carry out massage
Apply colloidal mask to face and use galvanic- positive polarity 3-5 mins ( do I get client to hold the damp gauzed rod in hand again?)
Apply mask

Sorry this is so long but would really appreciate help as my client is booked in on Friday! :-s
Your client is describing a Guinot Hydradermie (cathiodermie) facial. Busy at the moment but will reply later with suggestions
Well I do not do Dermalogica but as it appears your client is describing a Guinot Hydradermie this is the procedure and perhaps you can adjust it accordingly with galvanic/HF machine and Dermalogica?
Cleanse & tone, exfoliate, apply Serum use galvanic for 10mins. Apply oxygenating serum and HF 5-7 mins, massage, mask, moisture and SPF. Should take 60-75 mins.
Ps blackhead removal between galvanic and HF.
Thank you for your help, just want to double check that i just use the galvanic once and then the HF rather than do galvanic on negative then HF then galvanic on positive.
If i am supposed to do galvanic once then do i do this on negative then positive straight after? If so do i put on a different serum for the positive one? And also just want to check that I can put the galvanic straight onto the skin and I do not need to apply a facial gauze? I just have to put the facial gauze on for the HF?

Sorry for all the questions hope I am making sense. X
The Guinot Hydradermie2 uses both - & + currents. One roller is - & one +. The whole face is treated, then swap hands, so by the end of the treatment the client has had the benefit from both currents. The same serum is used, but Guinot are formulated to work with their equipment.
The older machines used a gauze over a serum for HF, but these days it is omitted and the glad electrode is used directly over the HF serum/gel.
Not sure if this all helps, but if you have a machine perhaps use similar Dermalogica products and the treatment should be fine.

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