Ive been having highlights put in ( bleach ) for a few years with a darker blonde put in as well .But now i want to go all blonde. A bleach blonde. How hard would this be as i asked the hairdresser and she said i wont be able to as i've had two colours b4 that. What can i do as i want to go one colour any advice please.


Curly Hair Geek
How dark is your natural color?

It would be a tricky service to get you a all one color blonde without variations. But it is doable in a couple of services. Maybe the Hair Tech didn't feel up to applying herself for a task like this.
And you would be paying some good money to get there.

she said i wont be able to as i've had two colours b4 that
could you explain a bit more about this? You had two colors before what? Your highlights/lowlights?
Were these two colors all over colors or was there highlighted pieces at that time also.
i had it died dark blonde then i had bleach and another blonde put in last time i went i asked for all blonde but she said i cant so i had the same highlights put in ( bleach and dark blonde ) my natrual hair colour is a dark blonde it was very blonde until i started dying it i have half a head done everytime my roots are really dark underneath i just want to keep one colour as its cost me £70 a time with just having 1 colour it will cost £30


Curly Hair Geek
Okay so you want to go a "Bleach blonde" look. This will be different to different people. So You want to go Platinum blonde? Dark blonde all one color?

If you want to go a very light (baby blonde) platinum (almost to a white) ask your stylist to do a very heavy foil all over. It won't be a solid blonde that you are looking for the first time but it will get you closer to the look and end results will be applying a color to the roots only when you need your grow out done.

Like I said before, It is possible from what you are saying but in the long run, your stylist knows your hair and can see your hair as where I can't. You can always get a second opinion from another stylist also. Call a salon and ask for a consultation.