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Feb 10, 2004
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cleveland, UK

Does anyone else ever get holes in their acrylic?

It doesn't happen all the time with me, but when it does it's really annoying!!

I prep the nail, then apply the acrylic, but sometimes when i smooth the surface over with the file, i seem to get a sort of round space, about 3-5 mm big, where it looks like i've filed the acrylic away. I know i haven't filed it away, cos i can still see acrylic there, but there's a gap....... oh God, this is SO difficult to explain.....i hope you can picture what i mean!!! So then i either have to thin the rest of the acrylic down so you can't see it, or i have to add more to fill the hole in.

It doesn't happen all the time, and it might only happen on one nail, but as i've done them all the same, i can't work out what i'm doing wrong!!!

Can anyone help....please?


I sometimes get that problemo too! And yep its well annoying! but all i can think to do is file it like you said. sorry this isn't any help but im glad im not the only one that has this problem!!!!!!
Glad i'm not the only one ... that makes me feel a bit better!

But does anyone know why it happens, and what i can do to prevent it?
If you could explain a bit more clearly it would help. I can't think what you mean unless you are saying there is like a gap between zones where the product is not smooth? Maybe a photo?
Hi Geeg

I can't post photos...i dont have a digi camera!

I know its difficult to explain, but when i smooth the acrylic with a file, a tiny part of the acrylic seems to "roll" away, leaving a little space, that looks like a tiny crater (??) I'm not sure if its cos my ratio is too wet...it usually happens in zone 3. I'm trying to send telepathic images to you so you can see what i mean !!!!
This sounds like a problem i came across when i was training.
Check the acrylic is dry before using any file or three way buffer.
Hi there,

I used to have this problem before i used creative products. The thing that caused it, i found, was applying the acrylic too thin, and/or too wet, then when i went to buff/shape and file, it sort of rolled away leaving a hole. It really is the way you apply your product, you must look at your mix ratio and see if it helps if you make it a litle dryer, is it only in one particular area?
Ive been doing nails for 18months now, and have had all sorts of problems, but gradually i have gotton over them,(with the help from a lot of people on this site i must add!) and am finally starting to produce beautiful nails, and not having any problems with them. Persevere, and try the mix ratio thing, hope this helps.

Michelle xx
Have to say i did this alot when i was practising. Then when i was getting good at them it started happening again, i found that it was my ratio being too wet, which i found was being caused by my brush being a bit worn out. No matter what i did if i needed a small bead for zone three, i always seemed to pick up too much liquid even when i kept wiping my brush on the dappen dish. I solved this by buying a new brush.

Hope this helps.:biggrin:
This post took me back to when i was first learning L&P :confused: I had these holey patches. Seems i always worked too wet and this causes them.
Another problem i had was having little white dots appear on my nails. Lucky for me, I no longer get these problems.
Thanx for all your help.I do think it could be that i'm working too wet in zone 3, so i'll start working drier and hopefully that'll stop it happening!

Cheers, geeks!!
I used to get these in my zone 3 when first starting out. Like little air pockets that when filed left a faint circle of natural nail was seen.

My reason for them was l didn't press the product enough and the area was too thin - when some first start out, it is that zone area that is the most mind bending bit.
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