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May 21, 2013
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Hi nail geeks,
I'm a hairdresser so know very little nails.. i thought I'd ask here for advice.
I have soaked and filed off my acrylic extensions as I was hoping to get a fresh set done before my holiday on Monday. But as I'm pretty much a novice I've obviously filed too hard on my own nail bed and a couple of them are quite sore and red now. (I think they call them hot spots?)
Would I still be ok to go get a new set put on? Im just concerned that anymore filing will really hurt?!
If not, I will need to do myself a really good manicure and polish so any tips / products that will help it stay strong and chip-free would be great.

Thanks so much in advance!
Go get a shellac manicure as no filing required. Or have brisa lite enhancements done as no filing of nail bed needed x
This might be a bit of a late reply for you, but I always recommend a product called Nailtiques for nails that have been damaged by acrylics; it's really good if they've been thinned a bit much by filing etc.

If you remove your own acrylics again, try not to use the file too much - just use it for taking down any bulk at the start then soak off the rest - it should turn to sort of jelly that you can push back with an orange stick or something similar. It might take a few more soaks to get it all off but your nails will be much better condition after :)

And like the other poster suggested, I'd recommend shellac or a gel manicure which should last your whole hols with no chips.

Hope that helps :)
Thanks for the help :)

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