hotels near fingertips centre, edinburgh!


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Mar 16, 2010
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hi guys!

well im so excited, i think my mum is going to pay for my signature foundation cnd course! yey! i am so excited! a couple of questions though...

1) i live in cumbria and have chosen to train at the fingertips centre in edinburgh, however because it is a good 2.5 hours away, i dont want to travel every morning and night because i will be nackered. so does anybody know of any cheap hotel that are very close by that i could stay in? and how easy is the fingertips centre to find?

2) and also, i am not registered yet with sweetsquared ( i need to go to my mams to scan my certificates), is the only way i can find out course dates, by ringing them up? or is there another way i can find them?

thanks in advance for helping

Rachel x

The fingertips centre is just a few mins along the road from Edinburgh Airport (so loads of hotels near) and I know there is a travel lodge at a place called ratho which is literally just 2 mins away from the fingertips centre. The travel lodge is on the Glasgow Rd (at ratho) and its just one straight road from the Hotel to the fingertips centre.

If you look at the Fingertips web site it gives you course info and some dates for certain courses but just ring them they are a great bunch, really helpfull. Just done my minx with them on Monday and it was brilliant.

hth xx

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