How do I find what accreditation I have


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Hi everyone
I completed a spray tanning course way back in 2009 and due to moving and things have misplaced my certificate.
I trained with a company called Puri-Tan which I have since discovered have gone bust. I have found a few contact details for them but am unable to get through.
Does anyone know how you can find out your accreditation.
Thank you

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Could you look back on your google
photos or facebook and see if you’ve ever posted it/taken a screenshot?

Otherwise they should still have to provide a copy or record..if I can’t find a copy myself Id use the companies house finder to see who owns it. Use the contact info on there or find the owner on linked in and see if they can help that way.

When you’ve tried everything maybe contact the accreditor who might be able to help but would be a long shot as i don’t think they are required to know everyone who’s passed.

Then try a refresher course.