How do you and the client sit doing a mobile pedicure


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Missy G

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Sep 7, 2006
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Have searched a thread for this but cant seem to find anything,just wanted a few replys from you guys,am just starting out mobile,have my first client booked in for a pedicure next week.I havent got hold of a pedicure stool yet,so just wondered how any one else done pedicures mobile without a peddy stool,i give my hubby a peddy last night,he sat on the sofa(so i didnt disturb his tv time),and i sat on my daughters little stool,but my legs and back were uncomfortable,any advice would be appreciated,thanx.

I use a plastic step up/foot stool that you get from a handy store - you know a discount centre think we all have them around. They dont look comfy at all but do the job!! Dont tend to have any back probs. Sometimes if it is a regular client I often use their poofe!!

Anyway good luck with going mobile you will love it!

Or you could get a leatherette foot stool cube from Woolies, they are about £10-£15 and are comfy!
I used to use a very low stool and although my back didnt hurt much, my legs used to go dead and I got terrible pins and needles. Clients were always concerned that I looked uncomfortable. I have to say that the pedi stool is fantastic, I got mine sent over from Therapy 2000 as I couldnt find one here.I strongly recommend you get one as soon as your budget allows. It also looks much more professional.

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