How do you become an assessor?


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Aug 16, 2003
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Hi all

Just wondering how and what training you would have to undertake to become an assessor for NVQs etc? Also any info on becoming an educator too would be great.

Thank you
Contact a training provider such as Bob Jefford Associates in Salisbury and sign up for the relevant classes. I did my asessors D32.D33, D34 and Internal Verifiers D36 awards with him.
Thanks Gigi

Did it take a long time to complete these classes? sorry for all the questions
You don't really want to know do you?

They were positively the most boring things I have ever done. Paper pushing excersise. Case studies. Assessments of you assessing others. OMG boring.

I suppose as I had been assessing students for years anyway .... but it all has to be formalized if you are going to do it for the government and get your piece of paper. I CAN understand why I had to do it but I won't lie, I found it very tedious.

To your question did it take a long time? Because of all the experience I had 'on the job' so to speak :D I fast tracked but I can't actualy remember how long it took. I did 32 and 33 together and 34 and 36 together as well.
the longest job is doing your portfolio and cross referencing everything (SOOOOO much paper!!)

didnt you find gigi that your signature gets smaller and shorter too?? All that signing does my head in.

me again by the way you need a level 3 in nails to be an assesor.
Little Angel said:

didnt you find gigi that your signature gets smaller and shorter too?? All that signing does my head in.


I remember Bob saying "you only have to do a few more and you'll have your full (can't remembr what award) and I said thank you Bob, but NO! I don't need it and I'm not going to do it!! :evil:
Go with Bob, he is the best, yes it is lots of paperwork, and headaches, :mad: but worth it. I did my D32 & D33 (now A1 & A2) assessors awards and D34 Internal verifier awards with him. I also did my 7306 adult education and Level 4 NVQ (degree level) in training and development with him.

He is a diamond, held my hand all the way and i would not have survived without him. :) Anyone who wants to do these qualifications privatly (not cheap!) should give him a call on 01722 415425.

The awards are quite hard, you have to have 5 years industry experience to be an assessor and hold the award you want to want assess. Ring Bob, he will tell you all the info.
Have they changed the guidelines for NVQs? I achieved D32, D33, D34, D35 (External Verifier) and D36 many years ago in another industry. I also did the Level 4 Training and Development. Fortunately for me I jumped ship just at the start of the whole "A" unit nightmare!

When I was in the "game" two years ago, you did not need to hold the relevant NVQ to assess it. You needed to have "technical expertise and relevant experience." Is it right that all the assessors and verifiers from all the big Awarding Bodies (or whatever they are called these days) have all the relevant NVQs?

Also "five years experience and having the award yourself" are entry requirements. This used to be a big No, No for any NVQ or units of an NVQ. Has this all changed?
HI glynis

i can only speak for hairdressing in this case and also my local college. I have 18 yrs experience and am 365 apprentice trained. My local college want me to teach there and when i have started the head of department wants me to sit my level 3 and then do all my assesors ect. I have already started my assesors.
If you have all your d units she explained to me that i would have to just update in the relevant areas you dont have to do them all over again. so dont panic!! lol ! I stopped my d unit and i am continuing next term with an a.
Did that make any sense at all?? What i am trying to say is that at my college experiece and knowledge go a long way.

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