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Jul 12, 2008
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west yorkshire
Hi All

I have been doing nails for around 3 years (but only on an evening) i find that i have a few clients that get lifting and then some that don't, i also have one girls that lift an awful lot, whatever i do. (i have no confidence in my work, but if my nails were perfect i know it would come)

I am very up on nail prep and spend time with the full application (too long i think) i am constantly watching dvd showing how to apply etc.

What could it be??

Pls help, would love to be the best!!! xx
If you want to be the best, you need more education.

Even the best Nail Techs in the business want to continue to learn and do course after course.

If I were you I'd book myself in for one... you only mention in your profile that your system is NSI... have you trained with them?

You would feel so much more confident if you had some one to one with an Educator from any of the well respected Nail companies that are out there, NSI included of course.
Hi Karen

No i use Nsi but i have got my ITEC LEVEL 3 in nail tech and i have done a workshop day with Nsi, Nsi just said my nails were really good, but it does not help my lifting problems. I can't really afford to do another nail course but do you think there are any cheaper ways for me to build on my confidence and stop the lifting.

Thank you for your help xx
Lifting is a very common mistake and can usually be because your product is too close to the skin or because of problems with your prep. (amongst other things)

If you can't afford another course, you should have a look at the tutorials on this site, they're brilliant.

Here's one on perfect prep..... it's a good start.

I always did my own nails and learned from my mistakes.

Thank you, i will have a look, im always watching nail dvd etc. im sure it will come with time, im going to try not going as close to the cuticle, alot of people mentioned that.

Can it be anything to do with the client, say if they do not use the oil or generally just don't look after them?? or work with cardboard in a warehouse!! i have heard people say yes and no (not that i am blaming my clients, i know its my fault)
Of course it can be the clients' fault, but in all honestly, I very rarely (if ever) see lift in clients nails.

A lot of my clients are lazy and just refuse to oil their nails and do what I advise them to do, but the nails still don't lift.

When I started out, I remember thinking that even drumming your nails on a table would cause them to lift, swimming etc, but if all of those things made your nails lift, you'd never be able to wear them, because we ALL do those things.

Keep going and don't give up, you'll get there, don't worry!! :hug:
I was having the same problem as you when I first started out and no matter how much my tutor told me to come away from the cuticle, I still thought it was a problem with my prep as I thought the way the tutor was teaching me looked ready for an in-fill..

Anyhow, I have persisted and gradually come a little bit further away from the cuticle and BINGO, the answer to all my problems. I do my own nails and have seen a huuuuge change since I became more conscious of the cuticle closeness, don't just try it with one set, keep going and going, it will come eventually, i'm sure!!

I've just been tugging the grass out from between the cracks in my yard, mowed & raked the lawn and pulled some pretty tough branches and my nails are all still in tact so, as An*gel has said, a little bit of tapping, washing up, shouldn't cause a great deal of damage.

Good luck - you'll get there :)
When I first started out I learned two things that sorted my lifting problems.
One is how I use scrub fresh.
Scrub fresh is a cnd product, yes you can buy it with your qualification.
Prep, apply cuticle remover, give it a couple of minutes to work, I usually fill in the client card while this is happening.
Using your cuticle pusher remove all dead tissue.
Remove all cuticle remover, water alone will not do this!
Remove shine from the whole nail
Remove dust from nails
Scrub fresh, this is applied with a lint free pad and you should scrub each nail for a full five seconds paying special attention to your side walls.
Then apply your bonder, thinly and make sure it is completly dry before applying your acrylic.
The second thing I learned until my brush control got better was to keep a dry brush next to me and after applying zone 3, before it set was to take the tip of my dry brush and sweep it around zone 3, so if there is any product touching the skin it's taken away by my dry brush, I used a dry brush to make sure I didn't risk over exposure to the monimor.
Sorry if I've gone over stuff you already know, I find it easier to do the step by step and cover everything rather then miss the one thing you might not know.
Lastly, yes courses are expensive and I think a half day 121 is more productive any way, your tutor will concentrate on you alone and you'll feel free to ask questions, my first 121 was worth the money with in five minutes of me getting there. Good luck hun and keep at it.:hug:
If you can't afford another course... get Gigi's book "Nailclass".
I keep re-reading it (which reminds me, I'm due for another 'read') and it has helped correct many errors. Each time, as I get better at L&P, and keep re-reading it... I find I fix something else.
It's an easy read, not huge.
AND her explanations are VERY clear. Images really aren't necessary because she's very clear and concise.

It's an investment worth making.
There are also Nailzoo's aka Carl's videos. He has covered all sorts of things on his videos. I love watching him work, no wasted movements, etc.
He's on youtube and BRILLIANT.
Won't cost you a penny :)
YouTube - nailzoo's Channel

Lifting can also be caused by ratio trouble, when I first started using NSI I had huge issues with this. I had been using another acrylic system for years and was using the same technique. I went to my distributor and when she said to watch my ratios it all clicked. You could try applying it a little dryer, NSI seems to want less liquid. It can be difficult, because too dry and you get bubbling, but practise makes perfect, right? Good luck!
in answer to your threads title.... im still trying... and think that all our ideas of perfection change as we improve and see nails differently.

Education has played a massive role in my career and without the support from my educator and the team ive been very lucky to be part of i doubt id have achieved what i have so far...

Lifting issues can be caused from many,many things;
improper prep, incorrect ratios, client going too long in between appts and nails getting top heavy, product to close to the skin, incorrect application, not blending product in when finish filing, something the client is doing (a product they are or arent using!)... the list is a long one....

Maybe try contacting your educator for advice, I'm sure they will be happy to help even out of the class room... it could just be that you need more practice and a class sometimes can pin point one little thing or area where you maybe making a mistake...

Jess x

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