How do you come back down to earth?


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Sep 8, 2003
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Hi y'all,
Just finished the first three days of Creative Foundation Course with Jane Cooke our local, AB FAB Ambassador. She is soooo much a sweetie and made the training the MOST enjoyable experience with loads of belly laughs along the way. Thanks Jane - I think that goes from all of us. It was really intense and I'm sure we learnt loads and loads. Now we're all in front of our nail trainers practising those smile lines.
If anyone is wondering who to train with or what to do next - Creative is highly recommended by so many people - definitely the way to go so make that call and book your course - don't phaf around with dabbling in this and that - just go for the best.
Honest, it was a wonderful three days, Jane made us all feel so welcome and also our clients which put them at ease.
Can't thank Creative enough ....... just for being there!!!
Now I'm posting this at 7.00am - can't come back down to earth - getting up early the last few days to drive to Birmingham and desperately wanted a lie-in today ....... but up at five this morning.......... HOW DO I GET BACK DOWN TO EARTH............?!!!!!!
Anyway, off to make a nail smile........
C Ya
:D :D :D :D

Glad you had a meeping great time!!! My last day was on wednesday!! The course was just fantastic, and as cmynails said, if anyone is wondering what course to do...GO CREATIVE!!! Its worth every little meeping penny!!

I had Tracey Leja, and she was fab! The course was very thorough and indepth and I learnt HEAPS!

I would go start my homework...but..I gota go back to London tonight to be with RUTHY BABY!!! Bring on MANCHESTER BABY!!!!

Homework will have to wait til monday!! :rolleyes: ;) :? 8)

hi carol

Glad you enjoyed your course just wanted to say that i agree with every word you said about Jane Cook i was also taught by jane and am currently doing my masters with her, she is a very fantastic lady and someone i have alot of respect for. I had almost begun to think i couldn't do nails and thought one more go, Jane inspired me so much that 2 years later i am still doing nails and love it more than ever.

I can never thank Jane Cook or Creative enough for the talents that i now have and which i never thought i could have and hey i'm still learning and loving every minute :study: :thumbsup: :salute:
thank you all for such lovely comments regarding the various Creative courses :oops: :oops: :oops: It truly is heart warming to read these and rest assured I will let Jane and Tracey know your super comments!! THANK YOU SO MUCH xx :salute: :thumbsup:
what a fabulous experience!!!!

Carol is soooo right!

Jane was patient kind and soooo knowledgable!

I have realised that my VTCT course was worthless!!!!!!!!
Her experience and expertise have truly made me so much more confident in my ability as a Nail tech! ( I have a long way to go!!!)
Im practicing Jane........honest!!!!!!

Im definitely booking in for a bit of one-to-one therapy!!!!!!!

A big thanks to.......Carol, Gloria, Karen, Margaret, Sam, Susan and Chris for being so much fun!
If any of you have any doubts....................DONT!
Creative is wonderful!
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