How do you do your own right hand?


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Apr 14, 2003
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How does everyone do their own nails :?: I find I can do my left hand perfect but still find doing my own right hand sooooo hard! :( Not a good advert for your own services. Im trying to go mobile, word of mouth so far, and friends. Any suggestions gratefully reeceived.


Ps love this site, this is my first post!
I use to find it quite hard to do my right hand being right handed. But it just takes time and practice to get the hang of it, it still takes me twice as long to do my right hand tho. Sorry I don't have any tips on how to get it done faster and easier other than to just practice lots and to fined a way to hold the brush and file in a way that works for you.
Hi Julie

It is a fabby place isn't it - being a bit of an obsessive, compulsive myself, I do find myself stalking the place on a rather too regular basis ;) in the search of knowledge :study:

I'm afraid I get really frustrated with doing my own nails :cus: and I guess the best way of getting them looking really good is to get someone else to do them for you :D! To be honest, the only thing I have taken to doing is to do the right hand first, rather than doing the easier hand first and then moving to the difficult one! I think for me its psychological - I start getting downhearted and slightly disappointed with what they might look like as I'm nearing the end of my good hand because I just know the right won't look as good as the left - also, you're not quite as tired if you start with the harder hand first! I have found I do a much better job of it these days.

Still, you never know....someone here may just have a miracle method of dealing with this apart from growing a third hand :?:
Practice, Practice, Practice........
Now isn`t that easy to say (and write) but I can`t do it successfully yet either
I find my left hand difficult, being left handed. I find it helps if both my hands are resting on the table - that is my left hand flat and lower right arm on the table.

Initially they still look like slices of thick cut bread, :shock: but I can usually sort them out with a bit of extending filing!

They take me AGES to do too!

with my left, of course (boom, boom) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I was once told that laughing at one's own jokes was just not funny :?

Sorry, not much help there
Dizzy Dellie
Peppercorn Nails said:
with my left, of course (boom, boom) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I was once told that laughing at one's own jokes was just not funny :? Sorry, not much help thereDizzy Dellie

sorry but Dellie, you really kill me :goal: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: just couldn't help myself :!: BTW I laugh at my own jokes too :hit:
I am in my house all alone and depressed because everyone has left me for the weekend :aww: :(

So I thought I would bob on here to cheer myself up and I have to say that that joke really tickled me! :joker: :silly:

Anyway, I find that if I am resting properly then it isn't that hard to do and they actually look quite good. :shocker: But when people ask who does my nails and I say that I do they seem quite shocked that I do them myself! :huh: :?

Which I think is weird because why would I get somebody else to do my nails and pay them for it when I can do my own? :?
Thanks gals. I shall try the resting on the table thing, and just keep practising.
Julie xx
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