How do you setup your couch too woo your client?

Curly Bamboo

I am revamping my treatment room and would love some ideas on how to "dress" my couch and make it extremely comfortable for my client.

This is the order I was thinking...

1. Couch cover
2. Electric blanket
3. Towels on couch
4. Client
5. Pillow for Client and bolster under the knee
6. Towels over client
7. Blanket or duvet for colder days when having a facial.

BUT... I want to cover the couch legs so would I use a bed sheet? or should I get a nice throw? suggestions please :)

Some people use pretty couch runners? when would you put this out?

i realy wouldnt wory 2much about ur couch,i think as long as ur couch has clean neat towels on with a couch cover underneath and a couch throw on top its fine. clients would prefer to see a neat clean bed rather than a fussy looking 1 with lots of throws and fabrics etc!x



I'd go for luxury all the way...make it so comfy they never want to get off!
The best thing I did was start to use an electric blanket....I put a basic couch cover on..then the electric blanket...then a velour couch cover over the top.
I don't use couch roll during facials or massage (drives me insane) and I ensure I have enough velour covers to swop with every makes a lot of laundry but it's worth it.
Without exception every client comments on the comfort they receive...and they tell their friends!
I use either a bath sheet and a blanket or a duvet on top...dependant on the treatment and their requirements.

Hope this helps,

Sarah x

I am fanatical about my couch. I have a couch valence to hide the junk
(With a blanket underneath for padding. I then use couch sarongs which look gorgeous in their exotic patterns of browns,gold, orange etc, I have my 'comfy client' cushion which me clients adore, this is draped in a plain sarong, a normal pillow which is wrapped in a choc coloured towel, fake lilies sit on this. At the foot end of the couch I use another towel whhich is diagonally positioned with little orchids on. I also place small fake candles in jars on if I want to make it look inviting at dusk.
These flowers & lights are removed before the treatment while changing.
I wrap the client in luxury fleece blankets and use a wrapped hot water bottle if they are cold, but the room is warm always. I've worked for a spa so presentation is important but comfort is more so.
HTH ;-).
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As my facials are predominantly Thai style, I have a large piece of beautiful Thai Silk placed over the couch cover and then I put my towels over that. The silk is big enough to completely cover the couch with no legs showing. The silk is mostly a mauve colour (mix) so my towels/couch cover are the same colour and so is my celullar blanket which goes over the client. It all looks very nice and Eastern.

Curly Bamboo

Thank you for the wonderful ideas, they sure sound luxurious.


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Sounds lovely and beautiful, would you mind showing us a picture of your couch? x
Just so you're aware, this thread was created some 11 years ago, and the poster you've quoted has been absent from Salon Geek for the past 5 of those.

Just so you're aware, this thread was created some 11 years ago, and the poster you've quoted has been absent from Salon Geek for the past 5 of those.
So it is, Thank you, I need to remember to check posted dates!!