How long is long, re: hair extensions?


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Oct 31, 2008
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I have always wanted long hair. I have pretty much accepted that it's now as long as its gonna get but its still not what I would call long.

How long could I realistically and affordably get it with extensions? How long can the average hairdresser get?
And perhaps someone could talk me through the proccess and after-care. I've never been to a hairdresser in my life BTW so assume complete ignorance :)
Thank you
hey im not a hair geek but i do have extensions and i work in a hair salon so i do know about them! so im just giving my advise really of what ive found when wearing them and what ive heard in the salon. we use balmain extensions at work and when the rep came in he said that u could go one and a half times the length of your hair due to the tension that would be on your hair etc. as for aftercare theres loads of things on here and on the net about it but the best advice has got to be regular maternance appointments with whoever fitted them for you. ive found a few things that help to which are use a tangle teezer or one like it as it doesnt pull on the bonds too much, use a treatment on the hair like all the time as they dry out quickly and can look frizzy at the ends, never go to sleep with wet hair or with your hair down, have them trimmed aswel.
as for price that is so different where ever u go but i always think that u do have to pay abit more for not only the quality of the hair but the bond aswel as thats the bit thats attached to ur hair.
any ways hope that helps best to look into it abit if i was u x
hope some hair geeks comment for you xxx
so what length of hair can you actually get? i've only seen up to 24" long as clip in type? can you get longer professionallly?
The longest I have ever used is 30 inch.
It was human hair and European

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