How long to do infills ?


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Sep 19, 2011
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Evening, ive just done my first whole set of L & P infills on my client tonight. She has NNO and was very happy with them last time whilst i was still training. Tonight its taken me 1.45 mins to do an infill, i had to file off her gelish then file and get rid of any lifting, reapply my acrylic, and finish with gelish again.

The thing that really took the time was on her index fingers and thumbs there was a lot of lifting. So 1 of index fingers in particular there was hardly any acrylic left so ended up rebalancing that one. Also she'd been gardening so loads of dirt under them. Im a little deflated it took me so long, but i guess these things will speed up the more i do :grr:
That's fine hun.

Just concentrate on doing a great job, because once those nails walk out on the ends of your client's fingers, they are your advertisement.

It goes without saying that the less lifting you have the easier it will be so try and perfect your application technique. Also make sure people who are very active with their hands are not allowed to wear their nails too long as too much length will encourage lifting as they are more vulnerable.

After 9 years I've got this down to around 1hr - 1hr 15. The more you do it the more you will speed up but don't worry about the time, worry about the quality of your work, and the rest will follow naturally in time x
I'm glad you asked that question (hiya, I'm new!) and I'm also glad that there is a wealth of knowledge on this board too.
I'm currently in training and have been told that it should take an hour for an infill. When I've done it in class it's taken a lot longer than that, haha! Hopefully I'll be able to speed up with practice.

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