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May 2, 2016
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North East
Once I've completed my courses I will be starting my business from home...

I am thinking of just offering gel nails, spray tan and eyelashes - maybe then branch out to the HD brow/Hi brow or similar.

Anyway, I booked with someone in my local area who also works from home and has been set up since last July from what she said..

She had 10 gel colours to choose from and couldnt do my tan as she didn't have any less than 16% she said she's not bought much of anything yet.

Is this the norm?

Did you buy and stock up alot?

Basically, what did you 'open' with and how did you build and progress?

That sounds very low stock levels if she really did start in July.

When I started 18 months ago, for nails I stocked 12 Orly polishes and 20 vinylux polishes. I was also stocking for facials and aromatherapy & equipment.
Every couple of weeks I would add a few more vinylux colours and also buy in the new collections as they came out.
After a year I bought in shellac starting with about 20 colours using my knowledge of the popular vinylux colours to aid my choice. Again I added colours every few weeks.

After 18 months I now have:
70 vinylux colours
12 Orly polishes
60 shellac colours
Lots of glitter and nail art bits and bobs

I've also added lava shells, body wraps, anti aging products and micro current facials.

Once you get started then save a bit each month towards expanding your range of treatments. You will know more about your clients if you go steady with your choices.
I thought this - for being set up since July, still having just 10 to choose from seemed odd but then I thought maybe thats what people do from home.

Wow - sounds like you've expanded lots and have a great collection of products and treatments on offer! All in 18 months aswell.. Sounds great! [emoji106]

I will make sure I have lots of choice and keep adding as and when I get going!

Thank you for replying.

I bought a lot initially so I had a decent selection of colours to offer my clients.

I also bought several different % of tan and rapid tan too.

I have a home salon and I've just completed my first year and I've a stock of 129 Cuccio gel polishe, the full Magpie glitter and pigment collection and lots of Lecenté too.

I'm now happy with the selection I have and hope to now focus on making profit rather than reinvesting everything I earn X
I think CFBS has it right. She started off with a good amount and has added to it. Sounds like the girl you went to wasn't very prepared. Only have 16% tan for example! X
My income really took off once I was doing shellac. I don't regret not doing it straight away though because I spent lots of time practising and reading about trouble shooting here on SG and watching you tube tutorials . It made sure I was really confident and skilled before launching it.
Thanks for your replies - I agree it was too less to start off with and the best way is as you all have done start with a decent amount then gradually add until you have a fabulous collection to offer your clients and its obviously worked because you all sound like you are doing great! :) :) xxxxx
I alway buy small bottles of tanning solution as I like to have every % availabke but dont want to spend £50+ for the big ones.

It does cost slightly more per tan but is a fab way to start out, depending on the bottle size you get 2/3/4 tans per small bottle so I just buy little & often :)

I know Moroccan Tan & Sienna X sell 125 & 250ml bottles so a good place to start xx
Thanks minkeybox little and often sounds good i didnt realise you could buy less than 1 litre bottles to be honest - Makes sense to get little and often especially since theu have a shelf life xd
When i started out I bought litres off everything in a starter package. a year later i tipped the lot away as it had gone off :( totes my fault as i mainly do nails & didn't push the tanning,but it was still gutting!

Ive been using small bottles for a year now & it works really well. Takes up less room in your fridge too! Moroccan Tan have sample packs on Sweetsquared very reasonably priced, its well worth a look xxx

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