How many sets of Shellac per party?


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Feb 22, 2012
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Hello, I am offering Shellac parties shortly on my new website, with a discount for extra people. However, after doing a few private sets (only done 2), they have taken me an hour to do each set with all the prep. Now how many sets per shellac party should i offer? this is what ive come up with:

Shellac Party (3+ people) - £xx per set

Please note the maximum number of guests per party is 3 during the week and 6 at the weekend.

I mean I would be knackered if I did 6 during the week as I finish work at 5.30 by the time i get home its half 6 and then would start work doing nails at 7pm, so I dont want to be up all hours of the morning doing nails :-/ esp if i had work the next day. does this sound reasonable? xx
I think this is a brilliant idea ,it's a good way of getting new clients through friends of friends!
I've been thinking of doing the same, so it's nice to hear what your thinking of. It sounds like a good idea. You don't want to give yiourself to much work that you feel pushed, but enough to keep you busy. Sounds like a plan. I think i'll make a note of it for myself :)

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