How much do I charge?


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Oct 19, 2003
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I forgot to ask before... :o

If I charge £35 for a full set of Creative's P&W L&P enhancements, and £30 for clear/pink sets. What should I be charging for full sets of Fabric# nails??

Same question re rebalancing, if I cahrge £20 for P&W L&P rebalances and £18 for clear/pink. What would you say is a fair price for Fabric# rebalances??

Usually takes me about 1 and a half hours to do a full set of L&P enhancements.

98% of my customers have L&P, but I have 2 people lined up for Fabric# full sets (as they just cannot get on with L&P) hoping Fabric# is suited to them.

Your opinion/advice is apprecaited.

Thanks guys

Jenny-Nails :D
Same price in my opinion. It is the same type of service... just another system ;)
I charge the same for all my systems, the only difference in price is between a natural and French finish
I agree with Debs and Samuel - same amount of love and passion goes into each system, therefore = same price.

Hi jen

i would charge the same. I do charge more for a rebalace though, than just an infill. I do it in weeks 2-3 weeks £20 3-4weeks £25 over 4weeks and its full set price. I charge for my time and those that are regular obviously take less time so i charge accordingly.
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