How much do you charge for Gelish?


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Sarah-Nail Tech

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Aug 4, 2013
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Hi guys, still struggling to get clients through the door.. Was just wondering how much you all charge for your Gelish?

I started at £25 but nothing so run an offer of £20..and only a couple had theirs done. Now I am offering pamper parties at £15 each and still nothing!! Am wondering whether to actually drop my price to £15 anyway?

I know a few salons that offer shellac at £15 in my area and some are even cheaper!! I just don't want to do myself out of pocket 😕 xxx
How long does it take you do do a set, including cuticle work? Say it it is an hour, you wil only be working for about £10 per hour! Keep your price to £20-£25. Offer a hand exfoliation, massage or something like that. These gel polishes are so easily accessible now, that everyone is buying them and charging next to nothing for a manicure.
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I know that's yet frustrating thing! Takes me about 45mins to an hour depending on what they want. I work part time in an office and this is my side line which I rely on the money to pay for other things and as the money isn't coming in I am starting to get a little disheartened :-(

I also have asked around salons get a Saturday job (do my oh is around to look after my little one) but no one will take me as they want experience. Well how am I suppose to get salon experience if no-one will give me a chance!! I only qualified in July.

Will stick at my prices then and just keep trying. thank you xx
Keep trying it's hard to start with I'm charging 18.00 for shellac at the mo that is including one free nail art design. Nail designs I charge per finger. Also I charge more for rock stars too.

I've just started putting packages together too for nail biters. And I also offer brisa light soothing gel extra at £6.00. I've not long started an it is very dis heartening. There are so many nail bars near me offering acrylics between 10-15 quid a set. Just advertise on free sites do a free website. Set up a Facebook business page it's all free advertising. I do a weekly offer with my other brand polishes an then convert them to shellac on appointment. Also have a killer set of nails on your self. I work full time an do nails from 6pm to 10pm evenings. And do weekends. I went to work with pink scrolled hearts an people thought they were amazing I got 4 bookings from what I'd call a PLAY session. Really suprised me. Keep at it tho xxx

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