How much do you charge for Shellac if mobile?


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Sep 27, 2006
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I'm charging £18 for shellac (I'm mobile) not sure if this is too little but I'm finding clients think shellac is just like nail varnish do wont try it if more!

How much do you charge? Do you charge the same for French?

I bought a pack of the mini sola oils which cost me about £xxx each how much should I charge for the mini oils?
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Solar oil pinkies rrp is £3.95

I'm home based and mobile I charge £25. They get a pinkie solar oil with first application and price includes removal if reshellacing. I charge same for French
So do u charge £25 first visit including the oil do you charge less the next time?
Do you charge to remove shellac if not re shellac ?
Thank you
I charge 20 for shellac, 10 removal, 23 removal and re-shellac (as this covers the cnd wraps) and give a free pinkie solar oil for first shellac, excluding any other offers and shellac nail parties. you defo should charge for a removal if no re-shellac!

i charge 50p per nail for rockstar (in case someone just wants ring finger done) and 50p-£1 for nail art. hope this helps!

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