How much income can a single UV sun bed bring into the salon?


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Sep 17, 2013
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Hi any help much appreciated. We are just extending a hair salon to have 3 new beauty rooms. 2 i think we can maximise with our existing beautician. The other though i need help with!! I was considering using it for a token based stand up tanning machine and was wondering what revenue I should aim for or more importantly what is possible. I was planning on getting a high end refurbished model for about 5k.

Any other thoughts how I could use this space may also help my thought process.

Any help appreciated

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I have just been down this road with sunbeds and did a lot of market research before hand. The general consensus of people in Southampton would use/do use a sunbed but it seems to be seasonal - more use in the summer months (about 3 miles away from me is a dedicated tanning shop). To compete with them I would have to use the same machines or better. The cost for the machines that are used within this shop are 22k each as new. The funding was not so much of a problem. Southampton have yet to introduce standards regarding the bulbs, I think it is 0.03 - however I am led to believe that this tanning shop does not adhere to these standards as it is not compulsory at this time. I could buy a sunbed from a reputable dealer, not adhere to the standards until they are mandatory then change all my bulbs out to the correct bulbs at a cost just to compete...If your beds are not as good as anyone around you within a 8 mile radius, you are wasting your takes seconds to gain a new client for sunbed services and just as quick to lose them when the shop a few miles away works more efficiently, and it doesn't take long for the word to get around. If I went down this road I would only purchase a sunbed to start off in the correct manner so as the bulbs would be lower than the shop down the road, my tanning times would be longer and less effective - for some, being burnt on a sunbed means it is is not the case! that is bad management. How long would it take to pay for the my opinion I was not going to find out! However it may work for you.
As PP, they are getting strict on tanning regulations. So the best advice is stated above.

Most clients do 6-8 mins, so depends on what you can charge in your area...& yes it is seasonal, summer & xmas. Ive worked in a tanning salon oct/nov can be dire, as can Jan/Feb.

We also had a flabelos machine which did ok. Their collagen bed was a complete waste of time.

Could you rent the space for something you dont already offer?
- Cambridge diet
- Botox
- semi permanent make up

Use the space to make a small retail selection of clothes/ or jewellery, scarfs & handbags/ make up...

A beauty place near me use to sell 'Vintage' (second hand ;) ) clothes, no idea where they came from though!
Thanks both for your response. Food for thought.I have a bit of time before building work is complete so isn't rush into anything before doing more research esp around the competition

Thanks again

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