How much refund? Client changing her mind


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Mar 25, 2010
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Hey all,

HOpe you can help me out.

A client came in on Thursday and bought a package for £1200 for cavitation and we gave her a free fat freeze.
She paid £600 at the end - as a deposit and was booked in for the 1st cavitation on Monday.

She called up on Friday and said she would like a refund (?!) Changed her mind and not going ahead with the course. She changed her Monday cavitation to another Fat freeze.

What do u think i need to refund her?
Obv, i will charge her for the one "free" Fat Freeze (that came with the package) but how the rest?
Should i charge anything?

What do u think.

Personally I would just refund her as a good will gesture and kindly remind her that normally you don't do refunds especially at such short notice as you get booked up easily and because its a bank holiday you will be losing money as that would be an appointment for other clients, but of course charge for the "free" fat freeze. so annoying when clients do this, but it happens to all of us x
I agree with Jasmine. I would be wary of booking her for any courses or advance bookings in future, as cancellations will cost you money. But one off, I think just give it back minus the cost of the treatment she has had (full price of it no discounts or anything!). Be really nice about it and explain that you understand. No harm in asking her why either, will help you for future and it might get her talking so you can recommend something else that will suit her. Anywho, better to refund her and she leaves happy rather than e.g she has something really important that has come up that she has to pay for and she cant afford to eat or something lol. Wouldn't want her dwelling on the fact she's poor because of your business haha. If she had a spare £1200 laying around I really doubt she would even think to cancel unless she really didn't want it done.

And FYI, I don't have a clue about cavitation or fat freezing lol but - from a business perspective...i'm assuming if fat freezing is affordable enough to be given as a free treatment, offer it after the course is completed rather than first. Or upsell from someone that has booked fat freezing to cavitation and wow them with how amazing it sounds and what it can do for them that is better than fat freezing. Rather than downgrading. Sounds a bit like she's thinking (which I would be), this fat freezing is more affordable and they've recommended it to me and I like it so I will just keep doing this instead. I would probably not offer anything free with a course, just reduce the price slightly when they buy it together.

Hope this helps!! xx

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