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Mar 25, 2009
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Hi geeks,

I am going to see a new client on Friday who lives some distance from me. I am not charging travelling on that occasion as between her and her daughter they are having quite a few treatments.

However, I want to say to her that when infills etc are due that I am going to have to charge travelling otherwise it would cost me more to go to her. How much is the norm?

The maximum you can claim tax-free for mileage is the first 10,000 miles at 40p per mile, and any mileage over 10,000 miles at 25p per mile.

So, the *absolute maximum* you would want to charge your client is 40p per mile; but you'd want to charge at least enough to cover your petrol/diesel, and perhaps a bit on top of that to cover wear and tear on your car?

If you've got a reasonably economical car, then you should be able to cover yourself by charging around 20p per mile (both ways though)...
Maybe you could suggest that her and daughter book their next treatments together again to make the trip more worth while...?

When I did mobile i didn't like the sound of charging for i just incorporated the costs into the price without actually mentioning "travel costs" x
That is great. Thanks for your replies.

..... salon owners don't charge for a portion of their rent, rates, electricity etc while a client is there:)

Surely your cars running costs are just an expense and should be factored into your prices? Also the 40p per mile tax relief, for the first 10K miles, sounds very generous to me, so as long as your car doesn't cost too much in servicing and MOT's you could actually make money out of it

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