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Sep 11, 2003
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South London
Just wondered how much people charge for nail art? Is it per nail or do you include it in the price of the treatment? It's just that detailed nail art can sometimes take a long time to do....

:eek: ;)
I charge a minimum of £1.50 per nail then Rhinestones at 50p each depending on the number required. I might be more expensive than most but as I am mobile I have to allow a minimum charge..So its a minimum of £15 but that includes a mini-manicure if it is just nail art on the natural nail.
If its on extensions just applied then a charge a 1/3 less. All my nail art is freehand so I can't help you when it comes to airbrushing. I don't plan to offer airbrushing until I have a salon due to the costs involved and the low number of nailart customers I have at the moment which is only 20% of my client base...Hope this helps...atb, Louise :D
Thanks Louise, that does help - any more takers so i can get an avaerage?
I do hand painted designs I start them at 50p per nail but it depends on the detail and time involved one set of nailart on all fingers and very intricate I charged £20.00. I think you have to judge the price by the type of designs you are offering ie a small, quick and easy design will be cheaper. I also charge 50p for the rhinestones/diamantes as i like to call them!!! This seems to be an average price in my area for rhinestones!! :biggrin:

I charge £2 min per nail, rhinestones 25p and £10 for both hands, slightly less if its really easy or simple, whether they want it on their natural nails or enhancements. Some do get both hands done but alot of peole just like it on thier little fingers i find the more i wear it the more i get asked for it! I also do a mini manicure & nail art for kids under 12 years, for a £5 thats really popular! I dont do airbrushing anymore so can't help u there ( i think it used to be about £8 upwards, depending on design, how many colours etc)
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