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Jan 28, 2012
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Hey girls! I need your help again :)
My friend asked me if I could make her eyebrows look like the ones on the picture I attached (and she meant colour). Her brows are naturally dark (pic). I've got refectocil light brown dye, so I thought I could bleach them and put this dye on, but because I haven't used it before and don't know what the result is gonna be, I don't want to risk that it's gonna look completely different to what she wants.
So now I'm asking: is it even possible to achieve this colour from her dark one? And if it is which dye to use and which brow powder would be best for her own use?
Sorry for all my "lack of experience" questions, but any help would be appreciated xxx
hmm i dont think you can as all eyebrow tints make them darker. she's just going to have to accept it - unless someone wants to put me right? wouldnt we all love what we can't have? :biggrin:
Refectocil make a lightener but I've never used it personally so not sure how light you could get them
Yep you can use Refectocil to lighten the brows then pop a brown over the top or blend brown with a little black depending on what is needed. You may even find just lightening them will get the desired effect. Hth
Thanks girls! Can you recommend any brow powders she could use? Xx

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Lighten them a couple of times, then apply light brown for one minute and wipe it off. If you want them darker, apply again for 30 secs to a minute.

Let us know if it worked.

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