How to calculate prices for extensions please help?


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Jul 16, 2011
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Hey, I would love some help with how to calculate costs for charging my clients for hair extensions.

I am only starting out as a mobile technician. I live in Ireland and there are about 3-4 girls I know around my area 10-20 mile radius that offer extensions. They charge €160 for a full head. However the hair is costing me €150 for 150grams so how do I calculate costs to be fair to my clients and to also make some money for the work. I don't know how these girls are charging so little as I have looked at 5 different hair suppliers in Ireland and all the prices are around €25 per 25gram pack. If I buy in the UK then it is more expensive with exchange and shipping.

Please can anyone advise me on what to do as I am starting to worry that this won't work for me.

Thanks in advance x
So they are making €5 an hour? Not a living is it? Chances are they won't be around long.
No I am not sure if they are just using less hair like say 100grams and maybe making money that way. I am just finding it hard to compete with the prices. One of the girls has been doing it for two years and she also offers gel nails for €20 (most others charge €40) Do you think I should use less hair on clients or just up my prices?

What would be the normal profit per head?

Thanks x
For non hairdresser extensionists, it seems to be 5 to 10 quid an hour from what I read on here.
You can't just use less hair as it will look dreadful.
Hi there,

We typically make between £120 and £150 clear profit per head but we are not having to incur the same costs as you to get our supply of hair.
Thanks everyone for your advice :)

I didn't want to reduce the amount of hair I will just have to up my price a little to cover my costs and make a small profit until I can find a better supplier ;)

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