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Jul 13, 2007
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Hey my lovelies. I'm hoping to start mobile doing nails and a few beauty treatments, I qualified for the beauty treatments that I'll offer when I did my make up artist course at college, I have a couple of nail qualifications, but am planning on updating my skills/certificates before touching the public.

However, I really really hate my civil service job, it's getting me down so much, that I would like to get a job working around 30 hours in a salon, using the skills I have (I'm practising my little butt off at the mo!) so that I can build up my mobile business, while working in a non brain numbing job!

I expect to have done some initial refresher training within two months, so would like to know where to start looking to find a job. I keep looking on the jobcentre website, but everyone seems to want me to have experience working in the role, or the jobs aren't in my area (Norfolk)

Any advice on how to find a salon job greatly appreciated:hug:

I always found my jobs from the job center website also looking in papers and I would reccommend registering yourself with some beauty agencies but these usually post jobs more for salons/spa where you may have to live in or travel to a hotel spa/salon.
I would reccommend getting a beauty c.v together maybe with a cover note explaining your enthusiasm and how well you did in your training. Post one to every salon around your area or nearest town asking if they have any upcoming vacancies. Salons do take on newly qualified but you may start on a lesser wage than you're receiving in your current job as it will cost the employer to train you further and to spend more time getting you up to their standards, but it's worth it I started on a very low wage working in salons and spas and ten years later I'm opening my own salon.
One thing tho you need to think about how you'd explain that you're hoping to go mobile, salons will want to employ someone that they think is going to stick around and build up a good clientele for the salon they won't take you on if they think you're going to take off taking the clients with you for your mobile business in a few months time!!
Tricky one but good luck, x
Gr8 advice from Froggie I would say the same, You can also consider working the late night and saturday in a salon and building up your mobile experience by starting out on friends and family. I wouldnt leave it to long before you went mobile - go for it! Its not very often I hear of people handing out thier leaflets than being inundated with work so you'll be able to start slow. As a beauty therapist you know your bread and butter services so perfect those. Nailwise keep your treatment menu simple and clear.

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