How to get a trade card?


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Apr 24, 2016
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I am currently doing a nail course through next step beauty, due to cancellation of dates i have changed it over to the distance learning course and will do an assessment day with them.

Im currently practising at home but need to buy new supplies. The only shop im my area is Sally's but having checked there website i need to provide them with my qualification to get a trade card, and i dont have that yet.

I dont want to buy something off the internet thats not up to standard and at Sally's i cant buy what i need without a trade card.

Does anyone know if id be able to get a trade card, or know a website where i can buy supplies?

I'm sure when I was training at college, they gave me a temporary student trade card. I think I had to provide proof that I was doing the course. And then once I was fully qualified, I could get the proper card. x
Ok, thank you. I will pop in tomorrow and speak to them about it
Little update in case anyone needs help with this!

I went into my local Sally's and they said if i took along proof of my course i could get a student card and once ive completed my course i can get a proper trade card! :)

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