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May 6, 2012
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Hey guys,

Just wondered how many of you are using Facebook to advertise your business and how do you feel about it?

Of course it's a FREE method to drive people to your website or just get them to like your page and find out about your latest offers.

What makes me wonder though, is the numer of people who actually take advantage of this free advertising and it's NOT a big number! :grr:

So help me out here... let me know if you are one of those pro-active people who have a Facebook fan page for their biz and maybe we can share some tips here :wink2:
I think everyone I know on here has their own business page on Facebook.
It works well for some people and not so well for others.
I have a facebook page for my business and i have an offer on my website advising that if the like my page they get 10% off.
That's a good idea 10 per cent of for a like. Xxxx
That's a good idea 10 per cent of for a like. Xxxx

i have stated that it is for treatments over £10 but thats because i am mobile. x
The success of using Facebook for your business will ultimately come down to how hard you work at it. Just creating a business page and leaving it won't do much. You should make sure it looks nice, has images of your products, make sure you add promotions and give client feedback. Facebook is all about interaction and that is how you can make it work.

And while your are at it (gratuitous plug coming), you might want to look at our online booking widget. It is totally free to use without using the rest of our system and will allow clients to make bookings on your Facebook page.

See an example here:

More info: Online Booking - YoureOnTime

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