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Feb 22, 2012
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I had my 2nd shellac client the other day and she just text me saying "hiya sorry to bother you but 2 of my nails have chipped already, should this have happened after 5 days?" what the hell do i put back? i gave her a free solar oil and aftercare leaflet to follow but how do i know its my fault or not? i do shellac on myself and it lasts the full 2 weeks. i am not sure what to offer? thanks muchly in advance x
Of it was me i would go a fix for free as if you dont she will never come back if she chips them again. I would then look into what she might be doing at home to make them chip. X

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You never accept blame until you have seen the nails yourself and even then, after 5 days, it is unlikely it is anything YOU did and is more than likely something she has done herself.

I would reply along the lines of:

"I am sorry to hear you have experienced some chipping with your nails and I would like to help find out the reasons as to why this has happened. I do many Shellac applications each day/week (whichever you want to say there) and have never had this problem before. If you come in to me on *enter day time to suit* I will take a look at them for you and we can talk about the best action to take.

You can then assess her nails and see whether these are indeed "chips" or if there has been some picking going on. If it had been your application, I would expect the nails to chip/lift before the 5th day and so it is likely she has damaged them herself in some way and is now expecting a free re-shellac and for you to take the blame, as obviously we advertise it as 14 day chip free wear.

You cannot accept responsibility for something you haven't seen in the flesh and you need to speak with her face to face ideally as you can then dig and ask questions about how she's been caring for them, has she been doing housework without gloves etc. People find it hard to tell fibs when they are face to face with you :wink2:

If the chips are small enough, you may be able to just give the nails a quick file to make new again. If the chips are large, then I would bet my bottom dollar she has picked and so I would offer to re-do but this is chargeable at £XX per nail
thanks for your replies ladies. i have offered to do them for free this time, but when i go to see her i will ask if she has picked at them and followed aftercare, as i have just started out and dont want to lose a client, however if she gets back to me saying they have chipped again i will suggest she pays for the repairs and follow the aftercare properly. SO frustrating when this happens. She hasn't got back to me yet when she wants me to do the repairs so who knows. thank you again xx
Whilst i agree with planky1 you risk loosing a client by doing this as as you are so new to shellac it could be somthing you did.
E.g if her nails were peeling you should worn that they might not last as long. Its maybe because of some thing like that. If it happens again its probaly her fault. X

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Planky is right.... You must not accept That this is a fault in your workmanship until you have seen them yourself. With more experience under your belt you will be able to tell a chip from a picker!!:lol: clients do lie through their teeth to get a freebie unfortunately & will blame the techs work - when it's not your fault or the product. This all comes from experience. We all had to learn the hard wAy too ;) please don't advertise Shellac as guaranteed for 14 days either as everyone is different & the majority wont adhere to the aftercare given, which is very frustrating!
Fiona x
heya, no i dont i advertise it as "up to 14 day wear" so its anything from 1 to 14 depending on how they look after them :) mine always last the full 14 days if not longer and i type all day every day but do not pick and take care of them where i can but these people drive me nuts when they dont take care of them. anyway still no response from her re the free repair xx
Whilst i agree with planky1 you risk loosing a client by doing this as as you are so new to shellac it could be somthing you did.
E.g if her nails were peeling you should worn that they might not last as long. Its maybe because of some thing like that. If it happens again its probaly her fault. X

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First client or 100th client, new or experienced, the technician should never offer a free service until she/he has seen the nails for themselves. It could be something the technician did, it could just as easily be something the client did and unless I could hand on heart absolutely know for sure it was through my doing, I wouldn't be offering any repairs for free at all. Offering free repairs/re-shellac when you haven't seen them is opening yourself up to her asking for this again and telling others that you have done this for her, so then they will expect it too.
I disagree that you risk losing a client, you are standing your ground and you're not saying that you aren't going to re-do them for free but neither are you saying you will be. You should see the nails first and discuss from then the best action to take. That is JMO :hug:
well i am going tonight to do the free repair. i will say to her it's not something i usually offer, and the assess the nails, ask her if it's anything she's done i.e. picking at labels etc (hate it when ppl do that and say "oh they chipped" well derr they are not acrylic!) or doing housework with no gloves but if she insists it wasnt her then i will say to her that if this time it chips i won't be doing any free repairs, because she could just keep having them done over and over and have shellac for the rest of her life for free ha! x
Remember, and this is very important, that Shellac is not for every client. Clients with peeling, overly flexible, and damaged nails will not wear Shellac well. CND offers a solution for every type of client- it's like getting a prescription perfectly customized for each and every type of nail, and come clients need more of a makeover :) And I agree that it's NOT wise to accept blame right off the bat, it's better to assess the situation, and move on from there. Your client will appreciate the time and consideration :)
The fact is that some people have really thin nails and they are more likely to chip after a short time. I have 2 clients who i really think should go back to l&p but they insist on Shellac and it chips within a week, but I always charge for their repairs

I know it's not my application because I do the same on everybody and they all last a good 2 weeks, with a few going 3, 1 going 4 and 1 lady having made her French last 5 weeks, she is my record atm, so I'm confident it's not how I apply it.

It's only because you don't have enough other clients atm to compare with that you are lacking confidence hun. Don't pander round her too much or she will be running to you for free repairs all the time :hug:
I dont think i said anything about not looking at them first or taking the blame. Just that i would unlless it is very obvious that it was their doing fix them for free. But maybe thats as im salon based so wouldnt have to travel. But i wouldnt do it twice. X

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