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This is so motivational . As a newbie just starting out in this industry , thank you , a lot of people have been telling me I will struggle to make it in this industry because of my age ( I'm 35 ) but this has given me a boost :biggrin:

Anyone no matter what age will struggle without perseverance, knowledge and treating it like a business rather than a hobby!! I am 39 this year but feel that I have much more to give now than before due to experience not just in beauty but in business as well as my children are older so need me less!! Xx
I'm sure this thread will run and rum but just in case I lose it, I've bookmarked it :biggrin:
Thank you for posting this! It was inspirational to read and really helps. I'm currently building my clientele and though I have a few, I've been getting discouraged lately. But then I read your post and I feel better now.
Thank you!!
Bookmarking to read later :) xxx
How do I bookmark please?
How do I bookmark please?

You can subscribe to this thread at the top. Click on thread tools, then choose your option in the drop down menu.
You can subscribe to this thread at the top. Click on thread tools, then choose your option in the drop down menu.

Thank you x
Glad so many of you are finding this thread useful.....keep up to date with my salon and what things I have done to gain. Clients etc on my blog


Thought id update!! I am pinching myself every night on how busy the salon is!! There are two of us at the moment and i am looking for a third to extend opening hours and days. Nails are still the busiest but beauty is taking off now as i found a fab therapist who all the clients love and shes enticing them in lol. My diary is full for weeks in advance and i even have bookings for next year!

My advice to anyone is go for it of you want it, its hard work and you have ti put the hours in but its so satisfying aswell. Stay true to what you wanted for your salon when you first opened, dont lose the personal touch or forget all the little things!! If you take on staff make sure you do training with them in how you like things and the littke things that clients like. Keep updating your training and keep bringing something new into the salon every month....its a great talking point!! Doesnt have to big, little things like new colours, new glitters etc....nail art sticks with new posters, handcreams anything that makes clients notice xx
I have had my own business for three months now, and it was really stressful. Sometimes I want to shut down but I love working by myself and it isn't far from my house. I try to built more my customers and they are always compare my price with the other town that they are cheaper than me couple bucks but I do have a base group of customers who follow me too . I don't know what I would do, should I be able to reduce the price to raise more customer or just keep the same price now ( by the way, I bought the business from the ex owner and keep the same price like them ).
Because working by myself and I do appointment priority and some walk in customers that I couldn't take them get upset at me and said like they will go to the other town so that they can get the service right away or they said it is fine, they understand, and never come back and I lose a lot of customers too. I can't hire anyone because it is really small town and can't find any workers anywhere, I tried to put in the newspaper , the market, my business, even in the cosmetology school in the other town or anywhere I can to try and get some help, but so far no calls at all. I am feeling blue. Have a great day.
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Dkh, persevere and wprk hard, it will come good in the end...forget about what others are doing and give clients a really great service not just good nails or treatments but great. Go the extra mile for them. Keep them interested. Know your market and your clientele snd they will pay your prices!! Ive just put mine up!! I have self employed staff who work on commision or pay rent for room. Msybe think about that??dont give up, it took alot to get where you are and nothing happens overnight!!xx
Thanks souz . You are so sweet . Hope you have a great weekend :hug:

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