How wide is your mobile area?


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Jul 18, 2004
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I was wondering about how wide to make my mobile area? If I make it too small, I won't get enough clients, if I make it too big I'll spend all my profits on petrol. I tried a search on this & couldn't find anything, so sorry if it's been covered already.
Hi, ive also been pondering over this one! Hope you dont mind me joining in? :o I was going to say 5 mile radius just incase someone phones from out of the area......but then what if someone calls from 6 miles away and wants a full set etc? if you up the cost for out of area calls they will just find someone more local. Thought about maybe having a minimum call out fee too.....does anyone else do that? Dont want to turn business away but like you say, dont want all the profit going on petrol and travelling.
I do a 8 mile radius, But tend to book all the same area on the same days, If you get what i mean :rolleyes:
lesley1965 said:
I do a 8 mile radius, But tend to book all the same area on the same days, If you get what i mean :rolleyes:
I've been planning on doing particular areas on particular days once I become established, but for the start beggars can't be choosers, eh?:biggrin:

That seems about the right distance, I was thinking about 5 miles, but I think I'd have to make it a bit bigger to get enough business. There's lots of people doing this in my area:confused: so I have to be careful.
When I considerd this question for my own business I thought about what areas I wanted to be working in & just who could afford what I was going to charge. The area I live in isn't flooded with people who will pay for quality but more often they will look for the cheapest set of nails they can get. The areas I wanted to target were a bit more far afield so after working out just how much it costs me in petrol for every mile I drive (turned out to be 9p, that's on in a Rover 414 with a 1.4L engine, many on this site I've noticed have smaller cars so get more mpg) I set my limit as 20 miles. If a client wants me to travel further I have a travel surcharge stated in my terms & conditions of 50p per mile over the 20. First client I ever got was 30 miles away but was more than happy to pay the £5 extra as a friend had "sold" my services to her so well.

Suppose a lot of it boils down to what each person feels is an acceptable distance to drive, as in my past employments I have often driven huge distances to work I maybe think less of the driving than others do.

Plus working more out of the area I live in I never have to worry about a client spotting me out & about on a bad hair day or down B&Q in paint spattered overalls & nails looking battered when I'm on a DIY stint :lol:
I appsolutley adhore driving, it's sooo relaxing, for me i will drive anywhere around leeds. I tried to add a surcharge but found it didin't work for me as clients can always go down the road to get cheaper or ring around and compare prices aw!!!!!

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