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Mar 28, 2006
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Temecula California
I am really new at using this site for info. I have only just read comments placed here and have enjoyed reading them all. my question is this, Is a ten year old too young to have acrylics? Why? What will be the damaged caused? What would be a good age to start? All this because I have a mother who insists on doing this for her daughter because she wants her nailpolish to stay on. At first I agreed to apply a thin coat of gel, they she asked for pink and white just an overlay now she want length added. I need to have a good reason to not do this because I really don't feel right about this. Thank you for any advice you may have!!!

p.s. I have not actually worked on her yet ,these were all just request that kept getting more involved.
Maybe you could just say that you dont feel comfortable with doing it on such a young person.
to be honest i would not add length, i actually gave my 6 year old daughter a plain gel overlay a few weeks ago as she is a verybad nail biter (biting them so badly that they were becoming inflamed and red around the cuticle and sidewall..) i didnt add any length or anything and she chewed them all off about an hour later her reason: they felt uncomfortable!! :eek::lol::irked:
Weekly or fornightly manicure appointments would be more advisable for her.

Normally 16 is the minimum age that we techs will nail young ladies[ no pun intended ]
they are still ruff n tumble & can cause themselves a damage if length is added.

Try the overlay as Nic described above :lol: & reward her if she looks after them & can promote some natural length ie: french finish, a nail art here 'n' there.
It is a two way street to get the results desired, but other than that I'd refuse at her age.


All this because I have a mother who insists on doing this for her daughter because she wants her nailpolish to stay on.
If she had a professional manicure (or mini mani) then the nail enamel should stay on for longer because the nails are totally clean and dehydrated before application of her chosen colour.
If that doesn't work (with you doing the mani) then I would suggest you apply a thin coat of resin to her nails before the basecoat etc, or a thin overlay with no length as Nik suggested, it should help.

What we have to remember is that 10 year olds do different things with their hands to adults, they have different activities and I'm going to guess that it's this that's causing her nail enamel to not last.
I have a policy of no under 16's (unless perhaps 14/15 and accompanied by mum/dad for one special occasion). Ten is way too young IMO, they could cause damage to themselves with added length, as valencian nails says they do very different activities to us. I wouldn't be happy using primers and all the other chemical bits on such young nails, seems all wrong. They could chew them off and swallow them even.

If you're not happy I would just say it's been playing on your mind and you have had to come to a decision, even going so far as to put No under 16's or whatever on your price list, then tell her you have to be seen to be sticking to that
thank you so much for all your suggestions and appreciate such a quick reponse. its really great to be able to talk with other nail techs. I meet with mother for her appt. tommorrow and feel much better about sticking with the original plan which is the thin gel overlay. If she is not happy, wel you win some you lose some.
thanks again.
I had the same problem the other day but the girl was 16 and after asking my friend who had a 16 year old she thought that it was acceptable to do a 16 year old nails without consent but i wouldnt do anyone younger than that

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