I am finally going back to Manicuring School!!


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Dec 6, 2004
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The Motor City, USA
I am so excited!!!

Most of the geeks know the trials that I have been through since the last time a few years ago when I declared this, from not having the money and having to back out to finding out I was pregnant threatening miscarriage and being put on temp bedrest. (My little man is 2 now!) But now! I registered, completed my financial aid forms and will start somewhere around Jan 23!!

I will have to contact the state board to see if my hours are still on file with the state and then take a placement test to see how many of my hours will carry over to the new school, so I may be brushing up with you guys! I'm thinking about doing a nail basics quiz thread so that we all can have like a "mini" refresher course on nail anatomy, nail diseases, and so on.

I just want to thank all of the geeks who have been there for me and continued to encourage me and have just been good solid friends all around!! (you guys know who you are!) :hug:

I am looking forward to FINALLY completing this and opening my shop...I AM SO EXCITED!!!! :D I just wanted to share with my geeky family!!!
:green: yay am so happy for you hun , i have a feeling 2008 is gonna be a good yr for you :green::hug: xx
thats great news

good luck
woo hoo i am so excited for you yolanda hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks guys! I am officially CHUFFED TO BITS!!
:hug:Good luck Yolanda xxx
That's so great. Good luck and all the best. Keep us posted.


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