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eyeworks queen

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Mar 30, 2012
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Hiya everybody,
PLEASE can anyone give me some sound advise as to where I stand LEGALLY?
It was my 21st Birthday last week & as a self employed beauty therapist I take pride in my appearance & work hard for my money as we all do! I went to one in a chain of well established salons for hair extensions & the hi lights of my roots touched up plus a very feminine pale mint green colour put on my hair ( I no your all prob thinking why mint green?) I emailed a picture to the salon & got the go ahead from the stylist almost 2 weeks before my appointment which was 3 days before my 21st.
After a whole day in the salon ( because the hair dresser was doubled booked & left me under a climazone twice for a total of 75 mins) I was horrified that my own hair has been cut off, a minimum of 6 inches ( I no this as there are stragglers that have been missed) when it had only been cut 6 weeks ago & the hair dresser had agreed it only needed the odd ends cut off. The extensions have had chunks hacked out of them & have been checked over by two salons since who have said they are the worst they have ever seen!
They are all doubled over & are hanging out of my hair, the main weave being held in by 6 XL dog stitches with the ends secured by normal elastic bands which are now matted with hair which is like a birds nest at the back.
I couldn't see any of this until I got home & my mum took 64 photos that were emailed to the manageress own personal email address as the owner said neither she or the salon had one to send them to.
I complained about the colour because that I could see while I was in the salon & it was absolutely nothing like what I wanted & we had agreed on, a very pale mint green.
My hi lights hadn't been done at my roots making the top a dirty browny dark green colour, the rest of my hair several different shades of dark blue, royal blue, a huge navy stripe of one full weave down the back, & also blonde strips where the colour was missed! The tops of the extensions are blonde as it looks like they have held the tops & dipped the rest into a blue dye. The top two extensions have also been placed almost on top of my head so can't be covered up!

Please can you help me with some advise as to what I can do? I've had them in now twelve days & the owner has been abusive & as far as my hair is concerned, not professional at all, the only thing she has offered (apart from to let the same girl re do it which is an impossibility as half of the hair & my own is either gone or in huge knots. Her other offer is £90 back out of the £250 it actually stood me at on the day as the salon told me to buy & the extensions & take them with me, which I paid £150 trade price for real remy hair I'd always wanted, plus £10 as they had to be ordered to match my own hair & collected.
I will only receive £90 after I sign papers to say that the salon admit no responsibility for what has happened & the money is given as a 'gesture of good will only!'
The owner has been very intimidating on the phone when i can actually get to speak to her but this week isn't answering any of my calls or messages & has broken two appointments to see my hair & says she can do nothing until she sees it, but refuses to visit me at my home when we are both finished work, & my hair is so embarrassing. I can't go on public transport without a hat & tucking the rest of my hair into my coat as several people have passed comment that I look like a 'Halloween Witch!' & thought I'd had it done on purpose for Halloween!!!
Please help, the owner said if I want to see a solicitor I can I will get nowhere?
All I want is my £250 back! I am so worried though because I am a beauty therapist in the same industry who has worked all hours to build up my client list & ive built up my business by word of mouth. This is a chain of salons I'm up against who could ruin me if they choose to, but by the same rule, if I posted the 64 pictures that were emailed to them, even without anything derogatory said about them, just the posting the salon name with the pics, the pictures alone speak for themselves & would damage the salon reputation but I'm not like that appart from which I am embarrassed of my hair! I am not a nasty person, I haven't even had any form of appology, not a one sorry.
I even sent the stylist a message saying that I'm sorry if your upset but I had to put right my hair & inform your salon manager who passed me on to your owner ' as you are obviously not quite ready to have so much responsibility put onto you at the moment & need more experience & I'm sure that one day with more time & training you will make a brilliant stylist so please don't let this knock your confidence, but if the salon are not aware they are pushing you to hard & you need more time & guidance, they will never improve the way they operate which will prevent you from reaching your full potential as a stylist'.
I heard nothing in return which I expected but I have found out since ( not through gossip but from the owner trying to make me feel guilty saying the stylist is very upset ) that the stylist is only 18yrs old & her only form of training is from the salon!
The salon state on their website that they 'Do not use college students as they found in the past they weren't up to their salon's high standards & so decided to open their own training school'. After three years of studying in college I find this really insulting as I wouldn't dream of ever treating a client this way!
Please help as to what I can do from here, if there is anything at all that won't get me into any trouble, I just want this mess taken out & refunded. My 21st has gone & was ruined & I'm not a selfish person, but do feel bitter I've lost a lot of money I worked hard for, my hair is ruined & my 21st over with.
Thanks in advance X
I'd call the local papers. Get them to run an article on it with photos before & after on your hair. The amount of bad press and loss of business they would get would be extreme.
Email/call her before and let her know, I'd say something along the lines of...
'As you are aware of the state of my hair after my treatment with your therapist, and you have offered no viable resolution, I would like you to know that I will be going to the local press. They will be running an article in the 'XnewspaperX' about the abilities of your employees. I will also be naming not only the salon, but the therapist an yourself.' Etc etc. they may well do something if they know all the bad press they're about to get.
You can file in small claims court, it probably wouldn't get you anywhere as such, but if they take it to court, regardless of what you get out of it or not, her reputation will be tarnished
I have pm'd you

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When I had my hair butchered by a well known chain I got a full refund and a voucher for a free cut and blow dry (that I never used as I don't ever want to go back).
The cost was a lot less as I only had a cut. But regardless of this I would expect them to still fully refund you!
If I was you, with the way that you have be treated/spoken to, I'd be naming and shaming them anywhere I could.
But in any case I hope you get the justice you deserve. Make sure you've got all receipts/conversations/emails saved and backed up/copied! X
What an awful experience, the manager sounds totally unproffesional!
I feel for you :(
Agree with all above comments about taking to the paper.
Also did you say it was a chain? If so then they will have a head office which you should be able to deal with.
Agreed, if it's a salon chain you need to go through head office before you start thinking of newspapers etc. With any complaint you always work your way up through the chain of command until you get a satisfactory solution. That way you can be seen to be reasonable and if it does get to the point of needing a solicitor you will have done everything right. If you chose to have it fixed at another salon ask if they would be prepared to write a statement of what was wrong in their professional opinion. Always do everything by email/letter and keep copies of everything so that you have your evidence.
Ugh this is awful, sorry.

But, yes yes definitely go above her, go to the head office and complain!

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