I keep messing up


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Oct 14, 2010
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northern ireland
I've just started helping in a salon one day a week I've never worked in a salon before I only worked from home I have a full time job elsewhere not nail related so its hard to get many clients of my own so honestly I'm not used to the pace but in general I'm enjoying it ..my problem is ... I keep messing up every time I get a chance to do some nail art there's always something going wrong the laugh of it is I love doing nail art and even if I do say so myself I'm good at nail art ... So I just don't get why when I'm asked to help I suddenly suck I just panic ... Agh I get so annoyed at myself .... HELP
That will be nerves x
Just take a deep breath and you will be fine xx
Good luck
Again, I think it is just a case of nerves with it being new to you. Take a deep breath before starting the nail art, try and relax. I'm sure you will soon get in to the swing of things. Good luck. X

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