I`m so clever


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Apr 28, 2003
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Now don`t go having any nightmares over me.............I`m feeling really clever as its only taken me weeks to figure out how to put my pic on here and I`ve done it all on my own.
I mat be clever enough to learn beauty and nail but I`m no PC EXPERT
I`m so clever
I`m so clever
I`m so clever
fed up with me yet????????
If anyone knocks me down a few pegs I won`t listen
I`m so clever
Just wanted to say that's really clever Debs, well done lol I don't have a clue!

Keep smiling
Sue x
I think that you are really clever Deb :D , congradulations. It took me months to get a personal avatar.....pssst and I am still not sure how I did it ;)
Thats my problem Seuzan, I couldn`t tell you how I did it
Deb I liked your old avatar but I like the new one much better! Very clever :D
Thank you Scratch, I`m guaranteed to give the kids nightmares, I just wanted to be able to put my pic there but I liked my other one better
Well, I can't remember what your old one was now but I think it is really nice to see what people look like because it is more personal. :D
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