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Nov 7, 2014
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Argh. I cannot get it out my head. I'm going over and over.

Had a client/friend come in to do her 3/4inch roots.

so I'm like. Ooh.. Imma try freehand. AND new sectioning technique.

Silly me takes AGES to do. I realise that I've actually done equivalent to back to back Foils.

I then get told she needs to leave by 12:30 and it was like 11 now. And she needed a cut, blowdry and straightener. Argh. So I up the top and sides to 40 vol. and of course. I didn't bloody leave it long enough. Whacked some whiter shade of park on. Knocked it back. But I'm not sure it's good enough.

Client left happy. But it's going round and round and round in my head.

If only I had foiled the top section. Why did I not just b***** foil it
You should've just been stubborn and said i'm sorry but we won't be done by then and let her process long enough...

She either has her hair done thoroughly or leaves early without a cut or what not and goes to wherever she needs to go!

But if shes happy don't worry about it, you know for next time x
Because you made what you thought was the right decision at the time. Don't beat yourself up.

Vic x

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