I really want to do nvq in nail services.


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Jul 5, 2007
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Hello, i live in cumbria and would like to do an nvq in nail services, i cant attend a full time course at my local college because i have three children , one is 18 months.I did enrol on a part time course for start in september, i turned up on the day and was told after waiting an hour that it was cancelled due to lack of applicants, but thats another story:mad:.
From browsing through threads i have seen that you can register and do studying at home and attend assesments.All i need is some help in where to go or who to speak to about this, its a bit confusing, i really want to do this , any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!:)
I am an assessor so know a bit about this and will give you a brief outline. PM me if you have any specific questions and i'll see if i can help...

You should be able to find a private college in your area that offers NVQs. We do this from our salon but are in Scotland so not much good for you! You should be able to work on your portfolio at home in your own time and attend the salons for assessments and practical sessions with a tutor.

We offer NVQ Level 2 in beauty therapy and do it unit by unit so that you can do the units in your own time. We normally do an intensive week where you learn the basics of the unit and then further days of assessments after you have had time to practice and do the written work. You will also have to do written examinations to gain each unit. It is more costly doing it with a private college but you might be able to get funding that helps and you can work it around your own schedule.

I don't know of anyone in your area but perhaps if you contacted HABIA they could advise you.

Hope this helps

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