I want to expand my business by renting out a nail table!


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Jul 13, 2010
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South Bucks
Hi everyone!!:?::p

Im looking to expand my small nail business. At the moment I work on my own and do everything! I was thinking of either renting out a table to another technician or... Is it tax efficient and possible to offer a technician the opportunity to work on a self employed basis, I would pay for all the stock, bills, insurance etc and at the end of the day/week just add up her column and split the cash 50/50??? She would then be in charge of her own NI and tax. Im only looking to have someone in about 20 hours a week. Please help as Im not sure if I can do that???
Others may say different but, I believe, when somebody says they need help with their business workload, they should take on an employee.

If you have space in your salon and your happy to let a 3rd party run their own business from within that space, then you need a self employed therapist
I agree with Jes, trying to get what amounts to an employee "on the cheap" is a recipe for disaster.
1. if you pay for products overheads etc, then give her 50% you will make a loss
2. the taxman could well decide that she is not truly self employed, then you have a huge problem.
3. if she agrees to this thinking it is just a well paid job, how will you cope with her fury at no holiday/sick/maternity pay?
4. with self employed people, you cannot dictate their hours.

So many peolpe seem to think this is an easy route, and it can blow up in their faces.
Thank you for your suggestions! It's really got me re thinking my plans and ideas!! x

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