Can I claim loss of earnings??


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Apr 30, 2020
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I have a salon in a rented building where there is a beauty salon above me. Recently in my back room I noticed a brown mark on the ceiling… obviously water.

I spoke to the lady upstairs and she said it was the guttering 😂 nothing to do with her. So I reached out to the landlord to sort it

During this time the leak got worse and worse, now causing green & black mould on the ceiling. Came into work the weekend just gone which was 2 weeks after telling him about the leak and it started to drip, so the staff room floor was soddened in a small puddle and it got heavier and heavier

So Saturday morning the landlord came to switch the water mains off to the building to stop the leak. I had to cancel my entire day Saturday and he couldn’t get someone out until Wednesday to fix it so I had to cancel my days Tuesday and Wednesday also as there wasn’t any water

Can I claim loss of earnings for this 3 day periods? If so, how? Who do I contact? Is it the landlord, the business upstairs or my insurance?

Trying to reschedule 3 days and a Saturday into an already fully booked diary is challenging and it’s not my fault nor would I of had to do this if it wasn’t for the leak upstsirs

If someone could help it would be much appreciated



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That looks awful.
What a palaver.

I think that you need to speak to both your landlord and your insurance to see what is covered by whom.

Fish out your insurance policy details and check so see if you're covered For loss of earnings.

Good luck

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