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Mar 10, 2009
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Hi Guys

I have a home salon which was a downstairs guest room with en suite but before that used to be the garage.


At present clients come through my front door, through my family room and into salon.

I still have a garage width space beside the salon and am thinking of putting a conservatory style room tacked on the side of the house which could then also be the entrance to the salon and maybe a nail treatment area as I am struggling a little space wise in my room.

Finally I hear you all say!!!! My question is.......... how will this affect me business rates etc wise, at present I don't pay business rates as the room could still double as a guest room if I wanted it too but once I add the other entrance would this change.

Any other pros and cons advice would be welcome too and anyone know who I would need to contact for legalities if any??

Thanks guys

H xx
You would need to contact your local council for their advice. Some councils would appear to be more lenient than others when it comes to working from home!
You will probably need planning permission, if you are putting up a a building to be used for business. Your local council are the ones to contact about planning permission and business rates etc. As Lynne mentions above, every council seems to have different rule though.

If you still have a mortgage, on your property, you'll have to ask permission from the mortgage provider as well
As mentioned, you must speak to your local council as they all seem to have different guidelines. In my area virtually everyone who works from home has to pay business rates - any furniture or equipment not deemed domestic, even in the corner of your living room and you have to pay! Wish I lived in your area :lol:

Maybe to begin with I would find out about building a conservatory as you probably wouldn't need planning permission for this if you haven't had any large extensions in the past. You just need a little more living space don't you :wink2: You also could do with another door because of blocking off the side access to the rear of the house - maybe a door to the front and also french windows to the rear would be perfect for getting those awkward wheelie bins out on collection day.

Business rates though.....only your council can answer that one :)

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