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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Dani85, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Dani85
    hi i was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some advice?
    i finished my level 2 beauty therapy last june and was due to start level 3 in september gone. due to house move i could not give my course 100% so i came off the course and said i would enrol again for september 2017. (college)
    now im all settled i don't want to wait until september to be qualified as i'm desperate to get a job in the business. i've found a level 3 beauty course with a company called chic beauty academy it's a 20 week course and i will gain a level 3 vctc certificate not city and guilds? is this of the same standard? also the course does not cover body electricals or epilation? are these vital to have? i'm wondering whether to just wait until september or enrol on this course? HELP
  2. jbx
    The main thing is that the qualification can be insured as far as I know VTCT is insurable by Governing bodies and the same credit value as City Guild.

    Level 4 is Body electricals and laser (epilation).
    So unless you want to train in that field Level 3 is widely accepted by salons.

    I hope that helps.
  3. CFBS
    Yes vtct is widely accepted. No problem there.

    A level 3 beauty therapy diploma will have some core units plus some units the college has chosen to deliver.

    There are 3 levels of qualification:
    Diploma - the fullest course.

    My recommendation would always be to do the full diploma as you will gain the most skills in one go.

    What units does the course you are looking at include ?

    Body electrical, massage and epilation are all level 3 units.
  4. jbx
    The best thing is to check the syllabus before booking as every course is different.
  5. Dani85
    thanks for everyone's responses! i have found out that it is a dimploma level 3 in beauty therapy.
    this is what it includes:

    he beauty course covers body massage, preblended aroma oils massage, Indian head, hot stone therapy, eyelash extensions, spray tanning and cream tanning. The kits included with this course are massage oils, hot stone heater and eyelash extensions kit.

    but to be honest i'm qualified in eyelashes and tan anyway
  6. jbx
    You 're welcome.Good luck on your course!

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