IBD builder gel?


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bella vita

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Mar 14, 2012
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Hello all :) sorry if anyone has already posted about this but i couldnt find what i was looking for.
Can anyone tell me if IBD gel is any good? I have used the Edge previously but not really liking it much so think its time for a change. Thanks in advance

xxx sharron xxx
hiya personally i didnt get along with ibd very fussy and fiddly... after spending a small fortune on the system(allthough i have seen on here some ppl enjoy working with it, personal preference counts for alot), i then discovered NSI and there are soooo many brisa lovers on here but my best advice is something i wish i had done and oredered samplers from a few places then decided which i prefered!!x
I have always used IBD and I love it!! I find it really easy to work with. The colours are fab and the shine is gr8. Saying that I am not too keen on the soak off range as a system but I do occasionally use the colours over enhancements. I have recently purchased the new Just Gel Polish range which is fantastic!!!!
Hi i use IBD Gel and I just love it. I found it very easy to work with and their builder gel is excellent particularly if you want really long nails.
hi i dont really get what you do with ibd i have only used asp before t3 gel and you do clear coat then pink gel then glear gel, what do you do with ibd do you do clear gel then builder gel then clear gel?
confused about this help please :)
I used to use the edge and about 6 months ago tried nsi body builder gel and have never looked back...I find i get a much better shape now...hope that helps

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