Ibd gelac and Ibd gel polish


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caribbean nails

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Jul 13, 2010
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hi geeks, whats the difference between Ibd gelac and Ibd gel polish? They seem very similar, they both last like 14 days, they both are not regular hard gels and they both soak off in 10 mins.
Ibd gelac comes in a bottle and the Ibd gel polish comes in a jar, other than that whats the difference and which should I use?
hi i had a rep in today and asked the same question the gel in the pot is more permanent option as it can be infilled , apparently:!:.
iv been using the gelac as brought a few colours to try and iv not had much success, only managed to rope about 7 friends so far and its been 50/50 some have chipped almost next day where as others have been fine for a few days then they start too chip, some post acrylic some perfect natural nails so im not sold on it im sad to say:irked:
hopefully other people have more success HTH
ooh thanks for the info, i was thinking about trying it.

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