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Hey cuties!

I am in need of your expertise :green:!

My hair is currently a bright brassy ginger at the bottom and a dark browny ginger at the top. It looks really fake and brassy and yuck!

I really want to take the ginger out and go back to my natural colour. Ive heard that you can use dye removers for this? Can anyone recommend one.

Once I get back to my natural colour (mousy brown, level 5)I am either going to get the edges done, in a pastel color like a light purple..does anyone know of a good icy lavender hair dye?

Or I want to dye it a cool tonned platinum like this;

I was thinking of using a Wella koleston colour...but I'm not sure which would be the best shade and I don't know how to get to this colour. Would I need to bleach my hair? I don't want it to go orangey/goldy...I just want a pure cool tonned blonde like the picture.

Please help, I am in need of your expertise!

:hug: Thankyou!!

Hmm edits - The picture looks kinda white...I mean like these

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I think the response to this will be very similar to the response on your previous thread.

The hair professionals on here have spent lots of time money and effort in gaining their qualifications to use professional products.

You seem to be asking about how to use professional products which you have no idea how to use. It would be very unprofessional for anyone to advise you how to use these products.

On the previous thread you stated that you were very short of money and it was suggested that you could ask at your local college about having something done by a trainee - did you not find this to be a suitable suggestion.

Sorry if this sounds harsh!


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Hi that is really a beautiful blonde tone in the picture , I can see why you like it so much ,
you really do need to go to a salon or college to get a professional result like that ,
why not give those college guys and gals a try they produce some fantastic work under fab supervision ,

just think you could have the beautiful blonde hair that you are wanting
if you just make that call ,
go on spoil yourself , not your hair :hug: minky x


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Hi naturalnails, thanks for the reply :)! It does not sound harsh at all! Sorry - you must think I am very rude, I did not ignore your response its just that I started to look into the idea and I have been reading a lot of horror stories and they have scared me off!

& thanks for the input minky :green:!

I guess I will be off to the salon then once I get enough money together!

Thanks :hug:


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Hi, will you let us knowhow you get on with your hair ?
some before and after pics would be great :hug: x minky x

liana kay

has your hair been dyed ginger ,or has it been partially bleached up to ginger?


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Dyed. Thanks for the reply =)