Ideas for a 70th birthday treat/gift for a special client


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I hope someone could inspire me please as I am really struggling to think of a gift for a lovely client. She has been with me for around 25 years , coming religiously every 6 weeks for , Facial, manicure, pedicure , leg wax, eyelash /brow tint and lip/ brow wax.
Normally I would give some of my special clients a treatment they don't usually have and either add it to their next session or book it in a quiet moment.
I just can't thnk , so any ideas would be gratefully received.
My hands have quite bad arthritis, which gets easily aggrevated so I aren't doing massage anymore apart from hands and feet when required.
Thankyou in advance. x


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How thoughtful of you! :)

You could give her a pamper night (make her the last client) w/o charge. Have some balloons in the room and maybe wine and cheese or tea and birthday cake. I'm sure she would love it.

Or a gift card to her favorite shop/restaurant or take her out to dinner.

HTH! :)


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Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply; I think your suggestons are really great.

I think I may provide afternoon tea on her appointment and she does love a bit of fizz, so I think that would work nicely. Her appointment is a 2.30 booking until 4.45 so will be ideal.

Thanks again
RosieR x


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Afternoon tea and cakes I offered (she declined the teeny weenyy bottle of prosecco.) I got my poshest Royal Doulton bone china teapot out, my miss match Royal Albert tea cups and saucers. Other various china makers side plates for the cakes...All antiques actually as I am native to the Potteries all my family have tons of beautiful old pottery! Sadly not worth two pence anymore , but valuable to an old codger like me.
I never said a word until I offered the usual cuppa when we began the manicure.
She was speechless, had a tear in her eye and was so chuffed.
So thanks Deanosnana for the brilliant suggestion, she definately left me on a high.

I even had a thankyou card from her , so that's a job well done.
Rosie x