Ideas on tanning goody bags?


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Feb 27, 2012
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Hey geeks, i have a spray tan party next week and wondered if u had any interesting/different ideas on wot i can put in my goody bags? Iv got the Sienna sachets that i'll use of course...anything else? Something a bit different but not too expensive lol! X
If you give goodies away it costs you money...assuming as its a spray tan party you've already dropped your usual prices
Why not seize the moment with your captive audience and simply print off from your PC a discount voucher for there next could also include within this something along the lines of"why not organize your own spray tan party and you get a free tan if more than 6 book" etc etc

An effective way of increasing your client base for sure
HTH and good luck :hug:
if you go oon ebay you can get little individually wrapped chocolates for pennies, i think its the little touches that make them want to come back. i do this for new clients i also put in leaflets, sachets and any special offers i have on and sometimes a exfoliate glove :) and i also do a special one for wedding packages. :)
I always take a load of retail products with me, moisturisers, balms, exfoliators etc and try and sell them on the night, girlies together always tend to buy things! If you have time why not put one goody bag together and run a little raffle, £1 a ticket, winner gets the goody bag, rather than making loads up, at least you will get your money back in that way.x

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