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Hey guys,

A little bit of background, I’m 28 years old and am interested in training in something which will set me up for a career, I have gone back and forth with different ideas and options and feel that hair is the best option for me to pursue. I love the creative, ever changing style, scientific side to colouring, constant learning, meeting different people and the busyness of the industry.

I have found a college which offers an intensive training in level 2 hairdressing 2 full day and 1 evening a week, that lasts a year. They even have a nursery on site that my daughter can attend.

It’s all seems perfect but I’m a little nervous that I’m a little to old to be going into a new training now, a lot of people I know started off as Saturday girls at the age of 11 or hairdressing goes back through the family! I have only experienced 3 months in a salon, I was a salon assistant and was offered an apprenticeship (age 25) but decided that I didn’t want to go down the apprenticeship route as my partner and I wanted to have a baby and I didn’t want to commit to an apprenticeship as it would have taken 4 years, it just wasn’t the best decision for my family so I have saved to be able to pay for my own training but now I’m worried I’m passed it!

Any experience, advice, opinions on starting a hairdressing qualification?

I think I’ve missed my chance joining this September so now looking at joining 2020, please feel free to share the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry, the training and how easy it is to find work fresh from college as an older NQ hairdresser.

Also any advice on anything I can do to prepare or getting a little ahead before starting would be most welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this x

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I’m 33 mum of 3 I’m starting my level 2 hairdressing next week .Its a 2 evening a week collage course x

Laura ran

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Pd my local collage is still enrolling for this year so definitely call them they may be able to get you in xxxx best of luck hun xxxx


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Thanks for replying! Do you mind me asking which college you are going to? I have, I’ve been put on a waiting list just in case anyone drops out. Good luck with your training x

Laura ran

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Yes no problem south Cheshire collage in Crewe ,Cheshire xx


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I retrained at 37 level 2 evening course in a college whilst working . I volunteered at a salon and then.. at 39 I became the oldest apprentice ever to do their level 3(well it felt like it) and I have just qualified! I also trained in nails and I am about to do brows and lashes. Hair training is HARD. Whilst you might have visions of just being able to go straight out mobile there is so much to learn and so many mistakes to make especially as a newby. A course will give you great foundations but learning from seasoned professionals or getting some hands on practice will be the key outside your course. Having lots of willing victims if you can’t get a salon placement however you can only work on people outside the college once you have your qualification unless you are supervised by a hairdresser. It sounds like you just need to think about how to get the best out of your training around childcare etc- they will accept late intakes so just ask- is it possible they will accept you in the college salon as an assistant? Your age is a bonus in this industry please believe that- your maturity, work ethic and passion will help as long as you are willing to learn. Xx good luck


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I hope you both enjoy attending your courses.
Just a word of caution. You need to appreciate that the current level 2 syllabus won’t actually prepare you for a job in a salon. You will need the equivalent either in training or additional experience of level 3 as a minimum before you’re even vaguely ready for a job as a Junior Stylist.

Clients want their hairdresser to be multi talented and able to provide a variety of services.
You won’t cover colour correction in any detail until level 3.
Colour correction is where for instance, the client has naturally mousey blonde hair and has already coloured it dark brown. The client returns to the salon saying they now want to be a golden blonde. The hairdresser needs to remove the existing artificial dark brown colour and then lighten all the hair and probably tone it too. They will need to understand how the undertones in the lightened hair affect the finished result and how it’s NOT a matter of applying the colour of the swatch and expecting it to come out that exact shade.
Also, you’re only taught a few simple haircuts on level 2 so you’ll learn more advanced cutting techniques on level 3.

Realistically, you’re looking at 4 years training and experience before you’re likely to feel vaguely competent to work on your own.