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Jul 17, 2010
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Hi first off before I start I had to lol at my phone it charges the name of my post from "igora Royal" to ignorant Royal [emoji23]

So as I said, I usually use blond me bleach and had a client in a few weeks back wanting lilac. I used the lilac toner but to be honest I wasn't that impressed. It literally almost all washed out and I had to reapply again days later to keep my client happy.
I've got another client in next week wanting grey ombré. I'm going to bleach with blond me, but what is the best grey toner to use to get some sort of lasting result?
Im fine with colouring usually but most of my clients are blondes/Browns and not many brave enough to have pastel colours so hence I've not much experience.
I've used crazy colour in my daughters blonde ombré but again that didn't last long. I ended up using the pink mixtone from my usual wella koleston to get it to last. I used the mixtone with 10 and pastel developer.
Am I doing something wrong that it's not lasting if it all taking? My only suggestion if I saw this post would be the condition of the hair but both times the condition was good.
Hi there I use schwarzkopf too and as long as you have a completely clean base I use 9.5-22 and 9.5-1 more of the 9.5-1 than the other and as a toner so on damp hair....even out its porosity with a spray...then melt it through...looks lush. It will fade tho....they always do....Although it lasted a good 4-5 weeks on my client
I completely agree with the 9,5-22. I used it mixed with the lilac grey and 10vol. Applied on dry hair (thought it may last longer that way). The hair has to be completely white first but the combination of the blue and lilac killed any remaining warmth and came out lovely

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