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Good evening geeks, I’m having a little silly moment!
I have a gel and manicure course for beginners booked in 2 weeks, when I booked this 3 months ago (and paid in full) I didn’t fully understand the difference in gel brands. After been on here for a while and doing my research I’d really like to use icon q but this lady trains using cuccio, my question is how hard is it going to be for me to go straight into icon after training?


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@BobSweden is the owner of Ikon.iq and a frequent poster on here, I'm sure he'll be along soon and clarify for you.

Its generally accepted that no matter which brand you trained with some kind of conversion session is advisable when changing brands. They all behave differently and a conversion is the best way to ensure you get it right with the new brand. It can seem expensive (although many offer free/subsidised kits with courses) it can actually save you money in the long term. Many have invested heavily in a system to find it's chipping, peeling, etc. Usually it's because it's applied differently to their initial training brand.


Hi Yaisa! my name is Rachel Lunn and I am a senior educator for IKONIQ in the uk. As Trinity says a conversion is advisable with any brand bit ifs you'd like to pm me - I can point you in the right direction and send you course info.


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Thank you that’s great il pm you now